About Us

The electricity and energy sector, with its professional team with a history of over 30 years, was established in the early months of 2013 and started production in the last quarter of 2013 by completing the necessary construction, machinery, and equipment installation for production in a very short time.

Our company is a pioneer in the production of Modular Cells and Concrete Transformer Centers in the Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions.

With its highly experienced professional team in the sector, our company is rapidly progressing to become one of the leading companies in the domestic and international markets.

Located in Diyarbakir Organized Industrial Zone, our facility covers an area of 8,000 m² with 3,000 m² of indoor space. Our company prioritizes quality, reliability, and timely completion of work.

Since its establishment, a seamless and efficient working environment has been provided by prioritizing research and development and customer relations.

Numerous private and public institutions have had their tests conducted, and flawless Concrete Transformer Centers, Modular Cells, Transformers, and MV Distribution Panels have been sold, earning our place in the list of sought-after and preferred companies in a very short time.

Our facility, established with entirely domestic capital, manufactures Modular Cells and Concrete Transformer Centers. The monthly capacity is approximately 300 Modular Cells and 60 Concrete Transformer Centers. Continuously monitoring the evolving country market, our company continues to grow steadily as MEGATES by expanding its marketing network accordingly.


By realizing the first production of Modular Cells and Concrete Transformer Centers in the region, we focus on anticipating and meeting societal needs, aiming not only for production but also for superior service and quality understanding in design, presentation, marketing activities, promotion, and after-sales service, aware of our responsibilities to society, our employees, and nature, identifying societal needs, and developing growth and innovative-focused strategies that contribute to the national economy and employment.


To continuously improve our competitiveness with the R&D studies we conduct with our professional and qualified staff,

To increase our market share and become one of the leading companies in the sector,

To ensure the continuity of our production and service quality in accordance with international quality standards with the team spirit we have created among our employees,

To expand value-added and employment areas,

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers, and society, and to become a distinctive BRAND by maintaining our continuity in both domestic and foreign markets parallel to technological developments.