SF6 Gas Load Disconnector

The active components of the load break switches are located in a casting chamber made of epoxy resin and sealed in an SF6 gas environment at a pressure of 1.5 bar during production. These load break switches are 3-pole and 2-position. They are filled with SF6 gas during production and are provided to the user with gas leakage tested at the factory, ensuring they do not require gas refilling during the normal 20-year operational life. The grounding isolator, which ensures the safety of operating personnel, is designed to be able to close on short circuit according to standards and can be mounted outside the epoxy body as air-insulated. To eliminate the possibility of incorrect maneuvers, a mechanical interlock is applied between the load break switch and the grounding isolator. As standard, 2NA+2 NK auxiliary contacts are provided, and additional contacts can be provided upon request.